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Stevenn Beck was born in Brooklyn NY in 1953 and has been writing music, stories, and screenplays for more than 30 years. After retiring from his "day" job in 2010, he finally has the time to seriously pursue his creative side. Musically his influences include Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and Jackson Browne. Stevenn is now writing full-time (screenplays as well as original music) and in July 2014 released his third CD of original folk-rock music entitled "December's Children". Stevenn has also studied acting and has appeared in several independent films and in three community theatre productions. 

Passionate about a wide range of important subjects - many touched upon in his music and stories - Stevenn is excited to be able to utilizing his blogs to further develop his writing ability while providing a venue to express his opinions and ideas, 

Recent News:   Stevenn has been cast in the upcoming indie film "By The Dashboard Light" (currently in pre-production.) In addition, in November 2014 he launched his own comic strip "Boomers" detailing the trials, tribulations and concerns of a group of "baby boomers" and loosely based upon Stevenn's own life.